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Mon. Jan 1st 2018
This past year has been another busy one for the department! With close to 500 calls (489 to be exact) we are below our average call volume of 550 for the year. We are always glad to see that number d...
Fri. Dec 15th 2017
Keep your eyes open this weekend! The "Big Man" will be taking a ride around the township on our trucks to make sure everybody is behaving themselves! Don't tell him we warned you, but h...
Thu. Dec 14th 2017
On Tuesday, December 12, Sunoco Pipeline and its parent company, Energy Transfer Partners, awarded the Derry Township VFD with a $12,500 grant that will go towards buying an ATV.This ATV will be used ...
Tue. Nov 28th 2017
It is with great sadness that we inform the community that Senior Member and lifelong friend of all of here at the department, Don Stiffler, passed away yesterday, Monday, November 27, 2017. Don was a...
Attack 71
2019 Ford Precision
2019 Attack truck. The attack has full rescue tools and rams. The attack truck has a 1250 pump. The attack responds first out for vehicle accidents.
Brush (Retired)
1996 Chevrolet
This is a 1996 Chevrolet, which is the old squad. It's a 3500 diesel, and is now outfitted with a brand new aluminum bed equipped with a water pump with 230 gallons of water and a foam unit with10 gallons of foam. It has 150 feet of one inch booster line, 150 feet of one and three-quarter inch line and 700 feet of three-quarter inch forestry line. It also has diamond-plated storage boxes on either side of the bed for storage of tools.
Engine 7
2003 Sutphen
Engine 71-7 is a 2003 Sutphen Rescue - Pumper. Engine 71 has a 2000 GPM pump carries 1500 ft of 5 inch hose. Engine 71 also carries the Jaws of Life, O Cutters and a airbag system. Engine 71 has vent saws for verticle ventilation. Engine 71 also is equipped to handle EMS calls.
2011 Sutphen
Rescue 71 is a 2011 Sutphen Rescue - Pumper. The rescue has a 2000 GPM pump, 1000 ft of 5 inch hose. It also has the Jaws of Life, O Cutters, and also carries Airbags and Rescue struts. The rescue also has air tools, Pedal cutters and EMS equipment.
2011 International
Our tanker, which has won multiple awards for best appearing, is a 2011 International, equipped with a 3000 gallon tank and a 750 GPM pump. The cab can hold 3 firefighters, including the driver.
2017 Chevrolet 3500
The new 2017 Squad truck replaces our old 1996 squad, which replaced our brush truck. It is a 3500 Duramax diesel, and can hold a total of five firefighters. Our hose roller found it's permanent home in the back of the truck, which also houses a stokes basket. This truck is equipped with a power lift gate as well. It works as a light rescue truck, having two hydraulic pumps, and a combi-tool housed in one of the compartments. It also works as a service truck, equipped to handle tree downs, ambulance assists, and much more!
2000 Zodiac

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