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Mon. Jan 1st 2018
This past year has been another busy one for the department! With close to 500 calls (489 to be exact) we are below our average call volume of 550 for the year. We are always glad to see that number d...
Fri. Dec 15th 2017
Keep your eyes open this weekend! The "Big Man" will be taking a ride around the township on our trucks to make sure everybody is behaving themselves! Don't tell him we warned you, but h...
Thu. Dec 14th 2017
On Tuesday, December 12, Sunoco Pipeline and its parent company, Energy Transfer Partners, awarded the Derry Township VFD with a $12,500 grant that will go towards buying an ATV.This ATV will be used ...
Tue. Nov 28th 2017
It is with great sadness that we inform the community that Senior Member and lifelong friend of all of here at the department, Don Stiffler, passed away yesterday, Monday, November 27, 2017. Don was a...
Junior Firefighters

Do you or somebody you know want to become a junior firefighter? Parents, are you trying to find something to keep your children occupied over summer break? Well look no further! The Bradenville Fire Department is looking for junior firefighter!

Our junior firefighter program is open to children ages 14-17. Some perks of joining the fire department is learning hard work and dedication. We are anxious to teach about firefighting, and using life-saving techniques that not only help you become a better firefighter, but help you in everyday life. You will get to learn about the fire trucks, and even get to ride on them. You will get a set of gear as well that you will be able to wear on calls. Unfortunately, you are very limited on what you are able to do at the scene of an incident, however, you will learn techniques and acquire training that will help you when you become an active member at the age of 18.



***PARENTS, READ HERE!***         We know what you're thinking. Its either to dangerous or too time consuming for you child to do. Well, I will be the first to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE CASE! We are very safety oriented. We would never, ever put somebody in harms way. In our department, each and every member looks out for our junior firefighters. Just as a family, we are all very close, and we look out for each other in such a way. Time commitment is also something that is very minor as a junior. We fully agree that school is top priority, there is no doubt about that. Which is why we only want our juniors to help when they can. We have one active member in particular that is in college currently, and he works on his homework all the time at the station. So if anyone would ever need help with homework, he would be more than happy to help. Also, PARTIAL FREE TUITION is offered through the Westmoreland County Community College for student who are members with our department. This, alone is a HUGE money saver for college.



Being a junior firefighter, and eventually hopefully an active member after you are 18 is such a gratifying duty. The feeling you get after you help somebody in their time of distress and need is great, and it makes you want to keep helping over and over and over again.

If you or somebody you know would be interested in becoming a junior firefighter, please contact us at (724) 539-4158. We will answer each and every question you have. Parents, if you would like to meet with and talk to somebody about your child becoming a member, please call us and somebody would be more than happy to meet with you.

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